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Using the Calculator

How do I use the Path of Exile Challenge Boosting Calculator?

1. First, select your League and if you want the Self-found option.

2. Type in or by using the scroll select your Current and Desired Challenge Progression in the new League! 

3. Select any additional Boss Kills you would like.

What do the Additional Services do?

We offer a variety a Boss Kills as well:

Atziri, Uber Atziri, Esh, Xoph, Tul, Uul-Netol, Chayula Breachlord

Keep in mind that these Bosses are not in the Bar so they have to be bought separately.

You can find the rest of the Boss Kills in our Atlas Calculator!

What Happens After I Order?

First, your Order will be registered in our system. One of our experienced boosters will accept your order and contact you on our internal Chat. Depending on the additional services you select your boost will begin as soon as possible.

You will be able to monitor your Order and Chat with your Booster on your Order Dashboard page.

You can also Order any additional Path of Exile Boosting Services any time as our Platform supports multiple Orders.

For further information on how the Path of Exile Challenge System works, you can read more here.

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