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Using the Boosting Calculator

How do I use the League of Legends ELO Boosting Calculator?

1. First Select your Region and input Your Average LP Gain.

2. Type in or by using the scroll select your Current Division!

3. Type in or by using the scroll select your Desired Division!!

4. Select any additional services you would like.

5. You can also select a Package Deal, which saves you money or select Placement Games, if you are not ranked yet!

What do the Additional Services do?

DuoQ: Instead of our Booster logging in with your account he will simply contact you in-game and boost your SR with you playing your own account. This is the safest method for boosting SR.

Streaming: Our booster will stream all games that he/she plays and will send you the link so you can watch as well!

Appear Hidden: Our booster will appear hidden so no one can see he is playing.

Specific Hero: You can specify which hero will be played during the boost. Simply select the option and write down the Heroes you want our booster to use.

Select Spells: You can also specify which  Spells will be used during the boost. Simply select the option and write down the Spells you want our booster to use.

No matter what you select we will never contact any of your friends or do anything that might inconvenience you!

What Happens After I Order?

First, your Order will be registered in our system. One of our experienced boosters will accept your order and contact you on our internal Chat. Depending on the additional services you select your boost will begin as soon as possible.

You will be able to monitor your League of Legends ELO Boosting and Chat with your Booster on your Order Dashboard page.

You can also Order any additional League of Legends Boosting Services any time as our Platform supports multiple Orders.

For further information on how the League of Legends ELO Rating System works, you can read more here.

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Is my Account at Risk?

We use encrypted VPNs to guarantee your safety and reduce the risk of a ban to 0,0001%.

None of our boosters ever use cheats. We also verify each one of them personally so we can guarantee that they’re at least challenger on their main accounts!

How long will my Boost take?

We can do about a minimum of 2 Divisions per Day. Depending on your order it can be slower or faster. You will always be updated during the Boost regarding our progress!

Don’t forget to contact us!

If you don’t have the time to chat with us leave a message!